Les Femmes de Versailles

Duration: 1 hour. 3:30pm matinée & 7:30pm soirée.


Discover the secrets and conquests of the extraordinary women of the French court with J.S.Bach’s French Suite on the grand piano. Amie Brûlée, in full costume, tells the tales of the women of Versailles and plays the piano.

Find out what if it was really Marie-Antoinette who said ‘Let them eat cake!”, the origins of Louboutin’s red shoes soles, and how Madame de Montespan carved her place in affairs of state.

Saturday 17th August 2019
3:30pm matinée & 7:30pm soirée.

Tickets $25 adults / $13 children under 14
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Amie Brûlée is a Ballarat based musician who studied at the University of Melbourne. Her musical adventures and influences range from classical to jazz, cabaret to blues, flamenco to funk (just to name a few), and she loves nothing more than finding a new way to interpret and old song. She usually sings and plays piano, but was recently spotted carrying a ukulele through Paris. Other eyewitness accounts list her playing trumpet in a London studio and double bass in a hillbilly band. She is constantly plotting new musical adventures and believes that music and stories are a fundamental part of human nature. Amie has PhD in French and Australian culture and wine, is a qualified French and music secondary teacher, and loves to blend stories, music, research and history into inspiring performances and workshops.